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four good reasons for choosing art balear

  1. The excursions are custom-designed to meet the wishes of our customers. You will be picked up at the agreed meeting place.

  2. Prior reservations and booking will be made for all stops on the tour. That means the artists will be expecting you when you arrive.

  3. There will be plenty of time for personal conversation, and the artists will feel at ease presenting their pieces in familiar surroundings. Guests may take a look around the studios and ask questions of the artists.

  4. Each excursion is an invaluable way for art lovers to look beyond the individual work of art and gain a deeper understanding of the creative process.

what I offer:

our conditions

1 - 2 Persons 350 EUR
3 Persons 450 EUR
4 Persons 550 EUR

half days

1 - 2 Persons 250 EUR
3 Persons 350 EUR
4 Persons 450 EUR